Why do you need a home office chair from Phylli
07.03.2021 | Phyllis | Knowledge Work from Home

Work isn't always done just at the business office. As busy professionals and determined careerists, we are prone to taking our work home with us every once in a while. And then there are also the typical personal and family responsibilities to manage – paying bills, booking vacations, setting up repairs, organizing the family reunion, catching up on emails from your college friends, and a million other things that require silence and concentration.

The world is changing. The traditional format of having centralized office spaces for all employees is starting to become more flexible. The work-life balance is becoming more dynamic, and businesses are reconsidering whether they should spend the money on a lot of office space versus letting people work from home.

Your living room or kitchen table can work when you don't have any other option. But ask yourself, is that going to be a good long-term solution? Your family also eats at the table, so putting your work supplies away for dinner can be difficult. Moreover, it can be hard to get peace and quiet when you're working in one of the most high-traffic areas of the house.

For these very reasons, it's also important to have a space to do your other important tasks at home - from paying bills, scheduling school field trips, organizing family vacations, and filing taxes.

That's where Phyllis comes in. Phyllis recognizes your need for high-quality home office furniture by providing real wood desks, filing cabinets and drawers, wall prints, and office desk chairs. Get productive and create or redesign your home office space to prepare for your new workplace for any work you throw at it.

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