About Us

Phyllis and its distributors have always followed the concept of "producing high-quality, durable and exquisite high-end office furniture". We are always proud that we have a group of customers who have used our office chairs for more than ten years, and they will continue to purchase our office chairs and always recommend our office chairs to others.

In 1996, most of the office chairs in the office furniture market were made of wood whose height and the inclination of the backrest could not be adjusted. Therefore, long-term sitting would be very tiring and affects work efficiency.

In the Holstein Plain near Jevenstedt, Germany, the Harlem family ran a factory manufacturing cowhide products. Since the CEO of the Harlem family had to incessantly deal with various documents and agreements, he generally seated for at least 10 hours a day, which did a great harm on physical health and work efficiency. Moreover, at the same time, the Harlem family had already been a small well-known leather processing factory in the local and they were going to expand their business. Therefore, the Harlem family began to study the most suitable chairs for sedentary workers.

Within three years, the Harlem family had interviewed 1,597 workers from different careers such as programmers and clerical workers, and studied a large number of academic and medical articles about the human body. In 1999, the first ergonomic office chair was made which was selected by a cowhide leather and also had massage function, and then a store called Phyllis was founded.

Although there were many ergonomic office chair brands on the market at this time, the sales of Harlem family office chairs did not affected. The office chairs of the Harlem family were very extraordinary comparing with other brands whose chairs were made of fabric and did not have massage function. Rather, the Harlem family office chairs were made of cowhide, effectively enhancing the comfort and durability of the office chairs. In addition, the peculiar massage function could provide proper massage and relaxation for workers who had to sit for a long time. Therefore, as soon as Phyllis come into the market, it was favored by many people.

In 2021, Phyllis develops rapidly. We have approximately 15 offline retail stores and multiple online stores in the United States and Europe. At the same time, we also have close business relationships with many distributors. We are keen to develop high-end, durable and exquisite office furnitures and household products, and provide all customers with excellent customer service. Our online stores in the United States mainly include the official websites of Phyllisfurniture, of its branches Bosschair. We also set up a warehouse and experience centers in California. If you want to experience our office chairs and visit our warehouse, you can contact us in advance and make an appointment, we will arrange the service for you.

Till today, we have always adhered to the concept of "producing high-quality, durable and exquisite high-end furniture". If you visit one of our stores regardless of online or offline, you will see our commitment to this idea.